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31 October
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haroween ~ username taken from the cute noisy little robot HARO -from Gundam- and HALLOWEEN which is my birthday. Wonder why I used that "haro" thingy?? Cuz GUNDAM is the best mecha show I've ever seen :D MACROSS FRONTIER gonna prove that wrong I don't know why but I have this penchant for mecha and robot thingy =3=

about meh ~ fanGirl. University student. Anime, Manga, JDorama, JPop, and JRock addict. Moderate Hindu. AthrunXCagalli shipper. LelouchxC.C. shipper. bleh =3

about lj ~ I barely update my journal and I tend to write mostly about my fandom. I post my fanart and crappy doujinshi here too. Well, sometimes I write about my daily hell students life and babbling about random unnecessary things XD.

hobbies ~ obviously read Manga, watch Anime, watch Bollywood Hollywood movie, watch Jdorama, draw crappy fanart and doujinshi, playing games

favorites ~ food=All Hail PIZZA BUTT!!!!!!, manga=OnePiece, games=AtelierSeries, anime=GundamSEED, mangaka=YukiruSugisaki, singer=T.M.Revolution, band=ALICE9, movie=TRANSFORMER, JDorama=NodameCantabile

find meh ~ although I barely update my journal I often visit Lj. Lurking around communities and spamming others journal ohohoho XP

friend meh ~ Drop me a comment or just simply click the "add" button and I'll add you back ASAP. NOTE : have at least 1 THING IN COMMON :)

current OTP ~ ♥ Lelouch x C.C. is luv ♥

どうぞ よろしく

Social capital

  • less than 10